Planned Parenthood Experience

Design Research, Digital
Client: Planned Parenthood
2014 - 2015

Throughout a year-long engagement with Planned Parenthood Federation of America to improve patient and staff experience, IDEO helped to re-design health center space, new service offerings, employee training, and digital tools.

The vision for Friendly Forms was inspired by the acknowledgment that wait times are one of the biggest pain points which impact the patient experience.The insight that patients desired consistency in their information intake experience across centers combined with the fact that form experience is often patients’ first touch point with Planned Parenthood led us to consider how we might make the form experience as positive as their interactions with Planned Parenthood providers.

Inspired by the desire for patients and staff to have longer term proactive relationships versus reactive crisis driven ones, Visit Companion has evolved to a more focused set of products that addresses Health Center Practitioner’s need to have better tools to explain things to their patients, as well as patient’s need of being better informed before their appointments.